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g 79] Nearly every boat contained a funny little furnace, only a few inches square, where the boatman boiled his tea and cooked

the rice and fish that composed his food. Each boat had a deck of boards which were so placed as to be readily removed; but, at the same time, were secured against being washed away.

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ind shelter from occasional storms. This quay was the front of a street where carriages and pedestrians were moving back and forth

. The farther side of the street was a row of buildings, and as nearly every one of these buildings had a yard in front fi

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med of their craft." [Pg 78] A JAPANESE IMPERIAL BARGE. A JAPANESE IMPERIAL BARGE. Frank had his eye on a sampan that was darting about like an active

s, the effect was pretty. Away to the right was the Japanese part of Yokohama, while on the left was the foreign section. The latter included the row of buildings mentioned above; they stood on a level space which was only a few feet above the level of the bay. Back of this was a ra

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t in one direction and then in another. It was propelled by a single oar in the ha

nge of steep hills, which were covered nearly everywhere with a dense growth of trees and bushes, with little patches of gardens here and there. On the summits of the hills, and occasionally on their sides, were houses with wide verandas, and with great windows capable of affording liberal ventilation. Many of the merchants and ot

her foreigners living in Yokohama had their residences in these houses, which were far more comfortable than the buildings near the water. Doctor Bronson explained that the lower par

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t of Yokohama was called the "Bund," while the upper was known as the "Bluff." Business was transacted in the Bund, and many persons lived there; but the Bluf


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f was the favorite place for a residence, and a great deal of money had been expended in beautifying it. The quarantine officials visited the steamer, and

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after a brief inspection she was pronounced healthy, and permission was given for the passengers to go on shore. Runners from the hotels came in search of pat

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